Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 5 of 5

Paul Zebb - Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 5 of 5


Processing/manufacturing in-parallel rather than in-series.


Specifically: Orders for components and materials should be placed by your supplier prior or at the time pc bare board manufacturing starts. This will help insure components and materials are ready for assembly when the pc bare boards are completed. Additionally utilizing a company that controls the entire process: layout through assembly will provide the added benefit of single source accountability, improved delivery, and performance.

Summary: Following the 5 Key Steps to Slashing NPI time saves both time and money. It creates the option to get deliveries in historic timeframes at reduced costs or more importantly significantly faster for the same cost.


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Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 4 of 5

Paul Zebb - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 4 of 5

Complete and accurate data is crucial to minimizing thru-put time. Affording your manufacturer with quality information to quote and run production will reduce or eliminate delays. Seems simple however more than half of all prototype orders have incorrect, inconstant, or missing information. The far majority of these issues can be eliminated by simply following a step by step procedure. A check list, easy to develop and implement should be used. Need a starting point, let us know we would be glad to provide a check list so you can tailor to meet your needs.


Key also is providing schematics, files, documentation, etc. that are compatible with your suppliers systems/software platforms. Communicate up front and prevent delays and redundant work.

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Step 5: Processing/manufacturing in-parallel rather than in-series.


Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 2 & 3 of 5

Paul Zebb - Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Drastically Reduce New Product Integration (NPI) Time: Step 2 & 3 of 5

The PCB/PCBA timeframe of new product integration can be significantly reduced by following 5 logistical steps.

Step 2 & 3: Removing Lag Time for the Quoting and PO processes.  

These 2 steps can be completed in parallel with the design/layout phase to greatly reduce or eliminate delays.

  • Quoting
  • Purchase Orders

The process of design/layout, quoting, issuing of PO’s and mfg. of PCB’s and PCBA’s are typically done in a sequential manner. Simply changing the timing of attaining quotes and PO’s as a parallel process can “completely” remove this delay.In many cases this time takes as long as mfg. itself.

Bare boards and assembly quotes and PO’s can be completed and issued during the Layout process. Worst case adjustments can be made when the final version files are created.


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Step 4: Preventing Mfg. Delays – Information Control.



Paul Zebb - Monday, June 05, 2017


South Bay Circuits, Inc. provides the World’s Quickest – PCB Layout to Loaded Assembly. If getting your design manufactured and to the marketplace first is critical to your success SBC is your best solution. No one beats our New Product Introduction (NPI) and New Product Development (NPD) capabilities. SBC supports any or all of your PCB layout, bare board fabrication, and/or assembly needs.


What We Do

  • Quick-Turn Prototypes
  • PCB Designs
  • PCB Layout Services
  • PCB Board Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly - Circuit Card Assembly
  • Backplane Assembly
  • PCB Testing and Final Assembly
  • Fully Integrated Electronic Box Builds – Turnkey
  • Domestic Production and Offshore Volume Production

With SBC's diverse capabilities and flexibility to service, we take great pride in being able to meet the demands of all or any portions of your requirements, whether it be for PCB Design\Layout, PCB Board Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, or Electronic Box Build. From Prototyping to Production; we are here to make you a success.


Drastically Reduce New Product Introduction (NPI) Time: Step 1 of 5

Paul Zebb - Friday, May 19, 2017

Drastically Reduce New Product Introduction (NPI) Time: Step 1 of 5

The PCBA phase of new product introduction can be significantly reduced by following 5 logistic steps.

Step 1: Organize the process & develop a materials list:

This step has a dual approach in the design phase.

  • Determine critical components
  • Create a process checklist

First, gather a list of your critical/specialty components and determine their availability. You could use a web service like https://www.eciaauthorized.com/en for example. Knowing when materials will be available provides a clear timeline for product introduction.

Second, create a footprint of the process. Map out each phase of the project from design to mfg. This will flag issues early and provide the opportunity to address and resolve in a timely manner.

Get your suppliers engaged up front, particularly if unique and/or undefined aspects to your design exist. A lower cost, higher quality product will be your reward. Saving time and money should not be an option.


Next in the series,
Step 2 & 3: Removing lag time for quotes & PO’s.


Certified ISO9001
ISO 9001:2008

SBC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company through UL-DQS. South Bay Circuits utilizes ISO 9001:2015 eight fundamental quality management principles to help improve our PC Board Fab, PC Assembly, and Box Build performance. Certificate #: 10000903 QM15

ITAR Registration
ITAR registered printed circuit board fabrication

ITAR Registered! We are a manufacturer that builds defense articles with related technical data that can be defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), where we are registered.

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