PCB Technologies & Processes

SBC works closely with Customers from design stages through production release and beyond to insure the highest level of quality and reliability at the lowest cost. Extensive experience in the PCB industry and our uniquely flexible approach allows us to produce a wide variety of technologies to meet customer requirements. Our goal and focus is to insure our Customer’s success. 

Fine Line Trace & Space Densities

SBC’s typical design builds encompass .004” lines and spaces as well as engineering reviewed designs produced down to .003”/.003”. Although fine line technology is readily available using lines and spaces at .005” or greater whenever possible may help avoid additional manufacturing costs. Download SBC Guidelines for PC Board Manufacturability (PDF)   

Controlled Impedance  

We work closely with our Customers early in design stages recommending effective stack-ups that insure functionality and cost effectiveness. SBC handles all varieties of Controlled Impedance requirements including: Embedded Micro strip, Offset Stripline, Edge coupled coated micro strip, Edge coupled offset Stripline in both single-ended and differential configurations. Also produced are Coated Coplanar Strips and Coplanar Waveguide.

Liquid Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask

SBC offers LPI solder mask in multiple colors (green is the industry standard and best cost option) including: Green, Red, Clear, Black, and Blue. Tight tolerances can be held to accommodate high density Surface Mount Devices (SMD) including registration within .002” and LPI dams between SMT pads with spacing down to .007”.


Backplanes - Backpanels

SBC has been a specialist in the manufacture of Backplanes since the 1980's, perfecting the unique techniques and methods needed to meet tight tolerances and specifications required for this product.  No one in the industry surpasses our experience in this area, both in bare boards and assembly.

Blind and Buried Vias

SBC produces high density PCB that require the use of Blind and Buried Vias. This option, although more costly than standard PC Board technology, provides the ability to substantially increase densities to meet ever tightening designs and miniaturization requirements.

Solder Mask Via Plugging

SBC can produce boards adding an additional solder mask operation that specifically plugs vias to assist in vacuum draw-down during In-Circuit-Test (ICT). Only one side of a via can be plugged, as plugging both sides allows solution entrapment causing out-gassing during the assembly soldering process.

When vias are in tight conjunction to each other or other exposed metal, simply covering vias with solder mask helps prevent shorting at assembly.

Dry Film Solder Mask – Via Cap Only

This process is another alternative, as above “Solder Mask Via Plugging”; with the only difference being Dry Film rather than wet applied solder mask is used. Either process will typically do the job, with Dry Film being the more expensive alternative.

Via Hole Filling (non-conductive)

Yet another technology to assist in designing and manufacturing high density boards is to fill vias so that the drill via hole can be placed at the location of the Surface Mount Technology pad, filled, and then plated over, saving the space of having the via fan-out from the pad. Again a process with additional cost but one that may be an effective way of solving high density design issues.

Certified ISO9001
ISO 9001:2008

SBC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company through UL-DQS. South Bay Circuits utilizes ISO 9001:2015 eight fundamental quality management principles to help improve our PC Board Fab, PC Assembly, and Box Build performance. Certificate #: 10000903 QM15

ITAR Registration
ITAR registered printed circuit board fabrication

ITAR Registered! We are a manufacturer that builds defense articles with related technical data that can be defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), where we are registered.

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