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PCB Layout

Getting product designs to the Marketplace First is critical to our customer’s success. SBC is a “Leader" in getting your product to the market place first. To accomplish this goal we offer the quickest turns in the industry from PCB Layout to Loaded PCB Assembly so your engineers can verify their designs right away.

If you are looking to utilize our service: “Worlds Quickest” PCB Layout to Loaded Circuit Board Assembly you should contact us immediately.  This first step in the process is the Printed Circuit Board Layout.

Layout Circuit Board Capabilities - PCB Layout

SBC can do just the PCB Layout of your Circuit Board or the entire process of getting your PCB product manufactured.  This can include the PCB Design as well as the PCB Layout, working closely with your team to design products from concept or update existing PCB Designs.

SBC has the capability for “quick turn” or "standard basis", PCB Layouts down to as little as 24 hours, offering a wide variety of technologies including:

1. High Layer Counts

2. Mixed Technologies

3. Micro BGA Layouts – BGA’s – Fine Pitch SMD’s

4. Test Boards, Probe Cards and EVM Boards

5. High Speed Digital Boards

6. High Power and Super High Power Layouts

7. High Pin Count PCB Layouts

8. Quick-Turn Quality PCB Layouts

9. Differential Impedance Control

10. As a standard part of our process SBC verifies all designs for manufacturability (DFM) and testability (DFT).

11. RoHS Compliant PCB Designs

Schematic Assistance – Typically Customers provide schematics along with the additional information required to layout a PC Board. In cases where you require assistance to build your schematic please don’t hesitate to contact SBC about our PCB Design Services.

PCB Layout Software Platforms Available

We offer a wide variety of PCB Layout Platforms including:


2. PADS (Mentor Graphics)

3. Altium Designer

4. Cadence Allegro

Ordering PCB Layout Services

Information Required to Quote and Produce a Printed Circuit Board Layout:

1. Complete and verified schematic(s) in one of the software platforms we offer. (PCAD, Cadence Allegro, PADS (Mentor Graphics), or Altium Designer).

2. Complete and verified BOM. Customer must spec. out each component for the layout, based on their familiarity with requirements of the circuitry.

3. Part numbers for components must be complete, along with package/footprint details for each component.

4. Board form factors in one of the software platforms we offer. We can also work with DXF files from CAD tools (like AutoCAD, etc.).

5. Any special layout routing or fabrication requirements. Special Requirements or Non-Standard Tolerances.


Delivered to you with your PCB Layout:

1. IPC Netlist

2. Assembly Drawing(s) in pdf and/or Gerber format

3. Updated "Bill of Materials" (BOM)

4. Fabrication Drawing(s) in pdf and/or Gerber format

5. Pick & Place (PNP) Data

6. Gerber Data for all layers in RS274X format

7. Drill Data in Excellon Format

SBC Building Your PCB Layout - Taking the Next Step

Once SBC has completed your PCB Layout we can manufacture and assembly boards in as little as 48 hours, right in the same facility. We provide one of the fastest turn times in the industry through the benefit of having complete control of all processes and steps: PCB Layout, PC Board Fabrication, and PCB Assembly, all at our 120,000 square foot facility in Chandler AZ. Being under one roof eliminates delays caused in transferring files and shipping and delivering product. These delays are often as much or more than the actual time to turn at each step: PCB Layout, PC Board Manufacturing, and PCB Assembly.

For PCB Layout and PCB Design guidelines for PC Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly consult the below documents:

SBC Manufacturability Guidelines for Printed Circuit Boards (PDF)

SBC Manufacturability Guidelines for PCB Assembly (PDF)

Certified ISO9001
ISO 9001:2008

SBC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company through UL-DQS. South Bay Circuits utilizes ISO 9001:2015 eight fundamental quality management principles to help improve our PC Board Fab, PC Assembly, and Box Build performance. Certificate #: 10000903 QM15

ITAR Registration
ITAR registered printed circuit board fabrication

ITAR Registered! We are a manufacturer that builds defense articles with related technical data that can be defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), where we are registered.

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