World’s Quickest – PC Board Design/Layout to Loaded Assembly

Quick Turn PCB

South Bay Circuits (SBC) provides the World’s Quickest – PC Board Design to Loaded Assembly. If getting your design manufactured and to the marketplace first is critical to your success SBC is a great solution. No one beats our New Product Introduction (NPI) and New Product Development (NPD) capabilities. SBC supports "ANY" or "ALL" of your PC Board: Design, Layout, Bare Board Fabrication, Assembly, and Complete Box Build needs.

SBC offers the "World’s Quickest" service through our unique and dynamic capabilities. We control the entire process - Idea thru. Finish Product - and have the systems in place to seamlessly process from one step to another.  This allows unparalleled cycle time reduction. SBC also eliminates the blame game, as we can handle it all.

What’s critical to getting Your Engineering Design Built ASAP?

1. Get SBC's team on-board early in the process. We are here to serve you at every step of the process: from product conception thru. manufacture of your design.

2. Provide complete information necessary to build your Design (See PC Board Layout Quote Page ). Missing or incorrect information/files can delay your project.  At the same time SBC's team will assist you to developing any missing or incomplete information for your Design, Layout, or Manufacturing Package.

3. Communication is Key – If your project is time critical - start the communication process early. You will be amazed how working together can positively impact product: quality, cost, reliability,  and cycle time reduction for NPI & NPD and production.  It also is a great support to building mature products that need to get done right.

4. If important to you provide a 24 hour contact name and number to keep your project moving in the event of design, manufacturing, and/or documentation questions.

5. Once the PC Board Layout is complete and sent to you, check it thoroughly and release for fabrication and assembly ASAP.

SBC offers a World-Class service through utilization of its comprehensive and totally integrated services. Years of fine turning processes and systems have created seamless and efficient capabilities. We eliminate queue and ship times between processes as only a “Single Source Solution” supplier can. Even with fastest industry turn times the only way to minimize cycle time is teaming with a single source that takes complete control of your product start to finish.

Certified ISO9001
ISO 9001:2008

SBC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company through UL-DQS. South Bay Circuits utilizes ISO 9001:2015 eight fundamental quality management principles to help improve our PC Board Fab, PC Assembly, and Box Build performance. Certificate #: 10000903 QM15

ITAR Registration
ITAR registered printed circuit board fabrication

ITAR Registered! We are a manufacturer that builds defense articles with related technical data that can be defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), where we are registered.

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