World-Class” Managed Cost Reduction Program

SBC has developed a comprehensive process that thoroughly and completely analyzes a customer’s overall Printed Circuit Board (PCB) requirements. This process leads to development of a detailed plan to compress cycle times, improve quality, reliability and manufacturability, and reduce costs. SBC utilizes its extensive vertical and horizontal integration experience to look at every aspect affecting key metrics  of PCB performance.

The process starts with completion of a questionnaire allowing us to gain understanding of your needs, requirements, issues, and concerns. A defined step by step process is then followed and over time a detailed plan evolves that will optimize PCB products and processes to create “Quickest-Time-To-Market at a high quality, and “cost advantage” over competitors.

Offshore PCB Shipping

SBC is unique in its ability to offer the overall best cost in the marketplace through its “World-Class” Cost Reduction Program.

SBC distinct advantages include:

1. The ability to produce and manage the entire project from PC Board Design & Layout, PC Board Fab, through Assembly and Box Build.

2. Domestic and Offshore capability and capacity to meet an incredible array of requirements.

3. Extensive experience managing and coordinating requirements both domestically and offshore, with a special talent for managing logistics and communications.

4. Skills and experience to analyze a Customer’s products and overall book of business to devise and develop a comprehensive plan that translates into getting to market first at best price and reliability. SBC has developed a definitive list of methods to accomplish this goal. It’s a matter of our total commitment to “Continuous Improvement” for our Customers.

5. When offshore is the logical choice we manage the entire process from our domestic facilities. This enables strategic control and helps insure requirements are met. With our dual capabilities we can respond to any need that arises. Our close relationships with offshore partners assist in insuring a quality ramp up of production through personalized work with the factory to improve designs and refine manufacturability. We make your product better and more reliably and at the same time insure maximum cost savings. This translates to “End User Customer Satisfaction”.

Sit down with SBC today and start down the road to being first to market with a reliable, best cost product.


Volume Production – Seamless Transition

SBC creates quantum leap improvements in profit margins for our customers in volume production. We support prototype and production levels at our 120K square foot domestic location in Chandler Arizona.

If requirements ramp up to the right level we can seamlessly transfer and manage offshore production utilizing our long-term partnerships. SBC then directly manages all logistics and communications offering our customers the great advantages of superior pricing without the difficulties offshore manufacturing traditionally brings. Additionally typically you only pay once for tooling, stencil, and test.

If the need arises through unexpected increases in short term requirements or any offshore supply issues occur SBC provides a safety net with our domestic quick turn production capabilities.

Taking your requirements to the next level and applying SBC’s full capabilities from PC Board Design & Layout, PC Board Fabrication, and Assembly both domestically and offshore creates the best option available in the industry to “compress cycle times” and “dramatically reduce costs.”

As an added plus, SBC has in-place Vendor Management Inventory (VMI), Kanban, and Order Fulfillment Systems that create immediate 100% availability for customer inventory.

SBC creates the competitive edge needed in the dynamic and ever changing Electronics Marketplace.

Certified ISO9001
ISO 9001:2008

SBC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company through UL-DQS. South Bay Circuits utilizes ISO 9001:2015 eight fundamental quality management principles to help improve our PC Board Fab, PC Assembly, and Box Build performance. Certificate #: 10000903 QM15

ITAR Registration
ITAR registered printed circuit board fabrication

ITAR Registered! We are a manufacturer that builds defense articles with related technical data that can be defined on the United States Munitions List (Part 121 of the ITAR), where we are registered.

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